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marylandcuties asked: Would you consider gracing our blog w/ a photo (submission) of yourself? Pweez


definitely not.

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I spend four hours wearing a long black dress with thick wool socks some mornings. By looking at me you wouldn’t be able to tell what season it is here. I sit with tea and honey on the floor of my bedroom, my back against the bed, and my laptop in my lap. Cover letters, resumes, online applications, online research, commenting on everyone’s photos from Tequila night and responding to text messages about tonight’s adventure. This is my favorite time of day. My ribs are healing, I’m feeling better about a lot of things. I am enjoying the large group of friends I have here, something I haven’t experienced in quite a while. Sometimes when I’m sitting on the floor I can see the suitcase pushed under my bed, with all of it’s luggage tags and my cracked identification card. It reminds me the I have to enjoy everyday here because it’s not going to last forever.  

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Bloom - 28,000 Potted Flowers Installed at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center by Anna Schuleit 

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I can never decide if this is terrible or wonderful. I like it a lot, so leaning toward so terrible that it’s wonderful.

I would watch a 3 hour feature length adaptation of this video.

same, one of my favorite songs by her. They all make me feel uncomfortable and at home at the same time. Two sides of my own personality.

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Cafe Paris

I am both frightened and amazed by how I am not hungover this morning after six shots of tequila. If I happen to become a superhuman I would be okay with that.

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I just wrote a kick-ass cover letter and resume for a nonprofit in Philadelphia focused on youth opportunity. Feeling accomplished. 

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